Agents of S.H.A.Q.

Gnomeo, Gnomeo, Wherefore art thou Gnomeo?

Our adventurers had reached the hidden fungal garden in the King's Forest.  They had gathered the required herbs and were ready to start their trek back towards Sharn when some screams and growls were heard from deeper in the cave system.  Further investigation revealed more kobolds snacking on a fallen rat.  After dispatching the monsters, what looked to be the beginnings of a man-made excavation were found at the back of the new cave.  A ring and a seemingly magical bracer were also found in a lockbox in the remains of the disemboweled rat.  The ranger made a note that the ring was most likely the stolen property of the woman that they had met after disembarking the rail for the first time.   While the promise of further adventure was tempting, our group was forced by the deadline to abandon the cave system and begin to make their way back to the lightning rail station and further on back to Sharn.

At the mouth of the cave system, the group was met by an impressive looking fighter that had followed their trail and the sounds of battle while hunting in the nearby forest.  After hearing of their affiliation with the Agents of S.H.A.Q., the new fighter Korn agreed to travel back to Sharn and apply to become a member of the guild. 

The rail back to Sharn was not nearly as uneventful as one would expect.  After witnessing a secretive figure pick pocketing various passengers on the train, the dwarf Paladin confronted the culprit who then claimed to be an agent of guild founder Kabuto.  A meeting with the founders confirmed the thief's story but also lead to Ulfgar questioning just what the guild stands for.

A few days later the new recruits were called into the meeting hall where they were introduced to an older gnome couple that looked a little worse for wear.  They told the initiates about their archeologist son that had gone missing while on an expedition in the Underdark near the base of Sharn.  The guild has been hired to search for the missing explorer and our group began their descent into the darkness…



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