Agents of S.H.A.Q.

Some herbs, a dwarf, and his swimming pool?

Sharn, the gleaming "jewel" of Breland, is a sprawling metropolis in which a person can find anything and everything they could possibly be looking for.  This is one of fhe reasons so many enterprising adventurers flock to the city to try and hire themselves out for coin and fame.  

This is exactly what the Agents of S.H.A.Q., a prosperous adventurers guild is in the business of doing.  This day a small group of newly initiated members of the guild were hired to venture into the nearby wilderness to recover some rare herbs on behalf of a local apothecary.  The recruits; a boisterous dwarf, somewhat in his cups, a nimble gnome, known for his athletic prowess, and a taciturn half-elf, picked for his wilderness knowledge; set out on the lightning rail north to the nearest stop and embarked on a quest to retrieve the needed herbs pressed with a difficult deadline.

Before even reaching the woods, the group was stopped by a distressed woman that seemed to have been robbed.  After asking some pertinent questions the initiates agreed to try and help tue stranger so long as it did not interfere with their prior mission.  Shortly into the woods, our hero's mettle was tested in the form of an attack by some local wild boar.  With some fancy climbing and possibly alcohol fueled courage the boar were slain and progress was made as some of the needed herbs were found nearby.  After some more foraging, the intrepid dwarf paladin was able to alert the group of a dangerous quicksand bog by ingeniously finding himself ankle-deep and slowly sinking.  Showing off his dwarven stubbornness, he just kept soldiering through and was able to wade/swim his way to the other side.  The other two were forced to find a different solution, finally settling on a zip line anchored by a well placed bow shot.

After the ordeal of the quicksand, our adventurers were confronted with the opening of a cave.  After venturing inside, the group was confronted by  a den of kobolds protecting what looked like a fungal garden.  After a short skirmish the band of comrades emerged victorious and were able to obtain the remainder if the herb order.  They now must return to the lightning rail in time to meet their deadline.  Only time will tell if they will be successful.



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