Burgen Fencloak

The Recluse


Burgen, The Recluse, is the brutal, violent lieutenant of of the mysterious shadow group known only as The Web. Having grown up in the slums and Lower Wards of Sharn, Burgen is perfectly comfortable in the seedy underbelly of any city. He is also without remorse or conscience when it comes to obtaining what he desires. This is no more evident than in the deal he made with Zhodaire, a vicious Chain Devil.

Early in his rise through the underbelly of Sharn, Burgen found himself competing with numerous rivals for control of the Fallen Slum in the southern Lower Wards. After one disastrous failed coup attempt, it seemed that Burgen’s gang was going to be destroyed completely by their main rivals. It was then that Zhodaire appeared to a desperate Burgen to offer him a deal. In exchange for the use of his demonic weapons and also some of his fel magic, Zhodaire asked only for a small portion of his consciousness to be stored in Burgen’s mind.

Using his new demonic power, Burgen was able to slaughter his former rivals and took control of the Fallen. He went on to cut a bloody swath through the underground of Sharn amassing a what could be called a small army in a short time. It was a at this time that Fencloak came to the attention of the mysterious Lord Weaver. The enigmatic leader of The Web approached Burgen and made it is assumed that he made an offer that the young thug could not ignore. It was on that day that The Recluse was born.

Burgen Fencloak

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