Scylla Rageaxe

Half-Orc Barbarian Co-founder


Salutings, and welcome to my foy-yer. I see that like me you are an educated being that prefers good discurse to fistcuffs any day and that means you have done yourself a great service by coming to me rather than that blowhard Artonius. But I digest, you came to ask about the beginnings of the famed Agents of S.H.A.Q. and I shall relish it promptly.

Our “merry” band of companions met each other in what was then the city of Metrol in the country of Cyre. I was there to learn what I could from that center of society and wealth. Unfortunately for all involved this was during the time of the Last War and unbeknownest to us the Day of Mourning was fast approaching. That horrific cataclysm destroyed almost everything in the entire country. I know not how, or why, those of us that were spared were chosen but I felt it was my duty to help those that I could to escape that devastation.

It was after making it my mission to lead survivors to safety that I met that infuriating wizard Artonious. At first he seemed like a like minded man of scholarly pursuits and we agreed that as learned peoples it was our responsibility to help those less mentally equipped to the relative safety of Breland. We also met a foppish Elf named Kabuto with similar goals and skills and so our trio was formed. Our journey from the aftermath of that terrible war was full of peril and travels but we preserved and in the end were able to reach Sharn.

After finally making it to the city, our band was faced with an option; go our separate ways or continue to calibrate and work together. We quickly decided to form a guild of adventurers and that is what you know today as the Agents of S.H.A.Q. Which I guess is an OK name. I wanted to call us something suitably impressive like Extemporaneous Quintessence but Artonius told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and I was summarily voted down.

Current days now generally consist of interviewing clients, testing new recruits and arguing with that thick-headed wizard while trying to also reign in the sometimes wild impulses of our resident dandy. So if you are in the need of heroes for hire or maybe just a good scholarly discussion, pull up a stool at the bar of the Lion’s Head and I would be happy to discuss the state of things. Just don’t let my co-founder’s hear you or we will never get passed useless “prophesies” or random whims of fancy.

Scylla Rageaxe

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