Characters interested in carrying on trade can visit any of Sharn’s marketplace districts: Tradefair in Middle Central, North Market in Lower Northedge, the Bazaar in Middle Dura, or Tavick’s Market in Middle Tavick’s Landing. Merchants must purchase a permit granting them permission to set up a booth or other presence in the marketplace.


Marketplace (Ward) Permit Cost

The Bazaar (Middle Dura) 3 cp

North Market (Lower Northedge) 3 sp

Tavick’s Market (Middle Tavick’s Landing) 1 sp

Tradefair Market (Middle Central) 1 gp

Merchants interested in buying goods in bulk formtransport and sale in another city will likely find what they need in one of the city’s warehouse districts: Cogsgate in Lower Tavick’s Landing, White Tower, Precarious, or the Stores in Lower Dura. Each of these districts serves as a repository for goods coming into Sharn from river or Orien trade road or lightning rail, and also offers warehouse rentals for local merchants collecting goods to ship.

Setting up Shop

Characters might wish to purchase a business or other space in the city.

A poor shop (for trades or services) costs 2d4×100 gp, including rough shelves, a sales counter, and a back room for storage.

An average shop costs 2d4×1,000 gp, including polished wood floors, handsome shelves, a picture window, and glass cases.

An upscale shop costs 4d8×1,000 gp and has marble floors, locked display cases, leather chairs, and various other luxuries


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