Sharn is a center for international trade, and communication is the lifeblood of commerce—notto mention being an important commodity in its own right.

The Speaker’s Guild of House Sivis specializes in swift communication. The most economical form of communication is the speaking stone. House Sivis has established message stations in most of he major cities and towns of Khorvaire, and for 5 gp you can send a 1-page message to any of these stations. If you are sending a message to a large city, you can pay an additional 15 sp to have your message delivered to a specific address in the city; otherwise the recipient must come to the message station to pick up the message.


Service Cost

House Sivis message station 5 gp/page

Including courier service +15 sp

House Sivis: whispering wind 50 gp

House Sivis: sending 250 gp

House Orien: unmarked courier 5 cp

House Orien: Least marked courier 1 gp

House Orien: Lesser marked courier 25 gp +1 gp/mile

House Orien: teleport 10 gp/mile (300 gp minimum)

House Orien mail service 1 cp/mile

House Vadalis gargoyle courier 5 gp +1 gp/mile


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