Few people enjoy being alone in an unfamiliar city. Sharn offers a number of opportunities to find companionship, from paying for company to attending social clubs, guilds, and other places to meet people with similar interests.

Sharn’s several red light districts sell sex and companionship on the cheap, catering primarily to sailors, merchants, tourists, and other transients or outsiders. Sharn’s Welcome, in Cliffside, caters to waterfront customers but is crime-ridden and dangerous. Dragoneyes, in Lower Tavick’s Landing, is slightly more reputable. Firelight, in the lower part of the entertainment hub of Menthis Plateau, has a reputation as an acceptable location for an all-around good time.


Evening in a bordello

Sharn’s Welcome 5 cp

Dragoneyes 8 cp

Firelight 12 cp

Escort service (one evening) 25 sp

Adventurer’s guild membership (per year)

Clifftop 13 gp

Deathsgate 12 gp

Dining club membership (per year, average cost, meals not included)

Upper Central 20 gp

Middle Central 12 gp

Upper Menthis 15 gp

Upper Tavick’s Landing 10 gp

Upper Dura 8 gp

Skyway 25 gp


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