Agents of S.H.A.Q.

Aye, Underdark Shite!!

“Go to the Underdark they said, find a missing gnome, should be easy. Aye nothing is easy in the Underdark! Everything in the Underdark tries to kill ya! The rocks, the water, the air, nothing is safe down here. Making our way to find this lost lil gnome (Gebeto) we encounter a spider, and guess what, it tries to kill us! We smash it too bits and find a lil toy (clockwork dragon) that belongs to the lil guy and make our way deeper. Then we get attacked by two Orc brutes that wanted to pick our bones clean to fill their smelly bellies. After dispatching them, one of the lil piggies tells us there us a village down the path and the gnome might be there. So onward we march. We come to a cavern with a great waterfall and a little village at the other end. Upon knocking on the first home (criting) and asking for some assistance, we are attacked by bastard goblins! That’s when things became fuzzy. Everything went dark and I could hear singing followed by bright lights all around. I was free from the Underdark and it felt amazing! Then I was snapped out of my dream and surrounded by my lads and back in the horrid Underdark. Aye fate is a bastard like that! At this point I want to destroy everything in this wretched place and proceed to do just that. We take out all the trash in the village leaving one left to tell us what he knows and take a much needed rest. Aye I can’t wait to be out of this rotten place!”



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