Agents of S.H.A.Q.

Fancy dress and familial jealousy a perfect combo.

Ah a new silent partner in guild leadership and a puzzling new member were what awaited us at the start of our latest mission.  We were to act as undercover security at a party being thrown by the Gastly sisters to mourn the passing of their late father to illness and to announce the eldest daughter as the new leader of the family.  This would be unfortunately familiar territory for me as I was forced go attend ciuntless of the typd of functions while growing up in House Lyrandar.

We ran into our first obstacle when our employer was unable to provide us with invitations at the last minute so we were forced to find our own means of entry.  Our first plan was to disguse ourselves as the entertainment for the evening and gain access through deception however on our way to the front door we encountered a band of rowdy thugs that had just been thrown out of the party.  After witnessing them striking a female companion our band was forced into an unwanted conflict that left us somewhat worse for wear.  After this scuffle we were able to sneak our way passed the front gate and made our way into the party.

As we entered, each of us was approached by one of the sisters seperately.  After some time mingling with the crowd a scream was heard from the direction of the kitchen.  We ran towadds the sound where the cook was found beheaded at his own butcher block.  His apprenrice was led back to the party where she was allowed to rest in the butler's quarters while the death of the cook was investigated.  I was at this time when I thought the situation earily similar to a play I once saw where the characters were stranded in a mansion where a murder was commited and had to figure out which of them had done the deed.  

Soon after this thought there was another scream from back towards the rest of the party.  The cook's  apprenrice was found dead in the butler's room.  After inspecting the room I found a note that linked the butler to one of the sisters.  Again I was reminded of that play I saw and could not believe that once again "The butler did it!"

A secret passage was found behind the fireplace of all things that led to the forgotten catacombs beneath the house.  It seemed thatthe second daughter, Soria, had joined a cult dedicated to the Old Ones.  After fighting our way through some cultists we confronted Soria and the butler.  We were able to kill the murderous butler but Soroa ezcaped through a portal.  Once we informed the remaining Gastly sisters of what their sister had done they were thankful that the truth had been discovered and that more death was avoided.  All in all not the worst social function I had ever attended if not just a little clicheéd.



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